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Neural Nets Galore

Cutting my own way through the jungle

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I am Ash, a grad student in clinical psychology currently residing in Oakland, California. My love goddess is mobyjane, a woman of profound intelligence, beauty, talent, and heart, and our new son is Logan, the Master of the Universe. This journal used to be called Ash93, but I have renamed it to Ashkosis.

My other LiveJournal is sacred_river, which is dedicated to an exploration of religion and the development of an approach to spirituality that is (a) progressive, (b) in harmony with natural science, and (c) beneficial to the health and well-being of individuals and communities. In that journal I will be drawing from many models, including religious naturalism, process theology, emergence theory, neurotheology, and other schools of thought that focus on personal and social development. Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.

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